Worship begins at 10am
There is a place for you here

Wonder what to expect if you are a first time visitor? Read below for answers to some frequently asked questions.

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What do I need to know?
There is a place for you here.


  • What is it like? Parkside Lutheran has a relaxed, traditional worship. Some people wear jeans and some wear suits. You can come whatever way is comfortable for you. Each service is about 55 minutes. As you enter through the red doors on the Wallace side of the church, an usher will greet you and hand you a bulletin with the order of worship. You can sit anywhere that's comfortable for you. During worship you can expect to hear prayers, scripture, a sermon, hymns.  Communion is almost always offered. You are encouraged to participate in whatever ways are comfortable or meaningful for you.  


  • Can I receive Holy Communion? Yes! All are welcome at the Lord's table. We say the invitation to receive Communion - also known as the Lord's supper - comes not from the pastor, not from the church, but from Jesus himself. There is always room for you at his table. Typically the Pastor will hand out wafers from the head of the aisle. Everyone is invited to come forward and receive a wafer as the Pastor says, "This is the body of Christ, given for you". (Gluten-free wafers are available for those who need.) You'll then step over to a worship assistant holding a chalice; the silver cups contain wine and the ceramic ones contain grape juice. You are invited to dip your wafer into the wine/grape juice as the communion assistant says, "This is the blood of Christ, shed for you". You'll return to your seat using the side aisles. 


  • What about my kids? People of all ages are welcome at Parkside. During the school year, Sunday School takes place during the worship service. Kids join the first part of worship with their families, and hear a children's message about ten minutes into the service. The youngest children are invited to come forward and sit on the front steps with Pastor Jeremiah. He usually shares a silly story, has some questions, or might even have everyone play a game, in order to share a point about the day's scripture passage. The kids are then invited to return to their seats or head to the Sunday school room. Students return just before communion, 5 to 10 minutes before the end of the service. A staffed nursery is also available for families who wish to use it, with the exception of special services like Christmas or Easter. (Nursery schedule subject to change). We believe every noise in worship is a joyful noise to the Lord! Please don't worry about your kids keeping quiet. What matters most is that they are in worship. We know every child has different needs. Children of all abilities are welcomed to participate at whatever level they are comfortable. Parkside will gladly make any needed accomidations to better serve you and your family. 


  • Where do I park? We don't have a parking lot; however, ample street parking surrounds us. On the weekends, parking is permitted on both sides of Wallace, Linden, and Depew avenues.  


  • Is there an accessible entrance? There is a ramp and elevator located on the Depew Avenue side of the church. There is also reserved parking on that side of the building for people who need the accessible entrance.   


  • How can I get connected? Contact Pastor Jeremiah at PrJeremiahPSmith@gmail.com to ask questions or contact ParksideLutheran@gmail.com to sign up for our weekly emails. Let us know what other information should be added to this section. Thanks for your feedback!


Why do we do that?
Below is an explanation of certain parts of worship.

LITURGY— Liturgy isn’t an actual portion of the worship service, but it is a word that is often used in regards to worship gatherings. The word literally means, “Work of the People,” highlighting the communal emphasis of our worship. The service styles and shapes may change throughout the year, but the key components of GatherWordCommunion and Sending always will be found in the service.  

CONFESSION AND FORGIVENESS –- We begin our worship by confessing our sin as a community and hearing the promises of God’s forgiveness. It’s a reminder that no one in the room is perfect, except for the God who can love and forgive us all.  

STANDING/KNEELING/SITTING? — Why the Christian calisthenics? During different parts of the service we mix standing, sitting or kneeling to enhance our experience of God’s presence to show respect and humility. Do what is most comfortable for you as you worship.  

GOSPEL ACCLAMATION — This praise song is the component of our opening liturgy. It celebrates the story of good news we are about to hear in the gospel. Most of the time, we will stand to show respect for the amazing gift of Jesus’ story.  What’s with all the singing by the way? — Lutherans are big fans of singing as a way to express God’s presence, praise, and conversation with and about the Lord. Martin Luther found it to be a powerful way to experience the Word and presence of God.

READINGS AND SERMON — After we have gathered, the service turns to focus on God’s Word. Scriptures from the Old and New Testament are read and a sermon is preached. Through both the reading and preaching, the good news of God’s grace is proclaimed.

CREED — At the midpoint of the worship service we gather together as the People of God and we confess the faith of the Church using one of the Creeds. In confessing the Creeds together, we boldly declare to one another what God is like and what we stand for as Christians.

PASSING OF THE PEACE — We pass the peace in anticipation of the celebration of Holy Communion – attempting to reconcile our earthly relationships before coming to the Lord’s Table. Feel free to shake hands, hug, or greet people around you in a way that is comfortable for you.

OFFERING — As a part of worship, we gather the monetary blessings, not as a charity drive, but rather as an act of worship where we give of ourselves for the sake of others. We often say “our tithes,” which is the Biblical model of giving the first 10 percent to the Lord for the work of the church.

GREAT THANKSGIVING / HOLY COMMUNION — All of the songs and prayers that are encompassed under The Great Thanksgiving remind us of the entire history of salvation and prepare us to receive the presence of Jesus Christ through the bread and wind of Holy Communion. Everyone is welcome to join in this celebration! Grape juice and gluten-free wafers are available if those are helpful for you. More instructions are always given right before communion takes place. Just follow the people in front of you!

BENEDICTION — This closing blessing sends us out into the world filled with God’s promises and empowers us to share these promises with others.